Create Your Best Year in 2018 with this life-changing planner

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My Review

I can’t pretend to be unbiased about this planner. Every significant positive change in my life over the last two years can be directly tied to using this little workbook/planner/journal book. It’s life-changing.

I know I rarely share non-tarot related products with you, but that’s because I save my recommendations for things that are a “Hell Yeah!!” – not just a “oh, yes, I like this and you might, too…” Learning tarot is all about self-discovery, personal development, and understanding (and creating!) our place in the world. That’s exactly what this planner is about, too!

The Your Best Year 2018 isn’t a daily/weekly planner – it’s more like a tough-love workbook for making your 2018 goals badass and resolute. (There’s a “life edition” if you don’t need the business guidance).

WARNING: This planner holds no punches and will light a fire underneath you to burn down the sun with your passion, commitment, and desires. It’s all about raising your standards (for yourself and others), holding yourself accountable, and never-never-never giving up.

Is this only for people with online businesses?
Nope! The business edition works for any type of business or career goals. There is also a “life” edition that is more focused on personal goals. If you want both, there is a super-discounted bundle available – it’s only $16 for both versions together!

Does it come in a print version?
Yes, totally! Both the life & business editions are available on Amazon for about $15 each. (There is no bundle option for the print version).

Can I see inside the book? Yup! My video briefly covers the interior, but there’s a better video at the bottom of this page that flips through the pages. The workbook is 1/3 tough-love essays and journaling prompts used to set your goals, and the remaining 2/3 is for monthly & weekly pages. You’ll use that monthly/weekly section for planning, tracking, review, accountability, and focus.

Um, “life-changing”? Really? Isn’t that a bit…much…for a planner?
Yeah, I know…it sounds so sales-y and hyped, but it’s totally true. I’ve been using the Your Best Year planners for the last 2 years (going on 3 with the 2018 version). In the last two years, I can directly tie every single business success and life change I’ve made to this planner. No joke.

I’ve grown LTWM from a hobby to my full-time calling in less than a year – and I’m now earning enough to live my dream lifestyle of location-independent work and full-time travel. Before I started using this planner, I thought my dreams were so impossible as to be ridiculous. (I mean, don’t “I teach people how to read tarot cards for a living,” and “I spend summers traveling Europe,” sound like impossible & ridiculous dreams? Now they’re my every-day life!)

Before I started using this planner, I was just doing enough to get through each day. Frankly, in 2015 I was STUCK. We’re talking food-stamps-level broke, overweight, lonely and miserable. That all changed thanks to the tough-love journal prompts in this workbook. The workbook prompts ask the harsh questions and the monthly/weekly planner holds you accountable to the answers.

I got off my ass for the first time in years thanks to this planner! It wasn’t easy – but it was a lot easier than I had imagined, once I faced my fears & excuses and started holding myself accountable to higher standards. That’s what I mean by life-changing.

If you’re serious about accomplishing your “ridiculously impossible” goals and dreams – and not putting them off for another year – The Your Best Year 2018 planner is the only tool you need.

Here’s to an amazing 2018 and an amazing “ridiculously impossible” life! 🙂

Buy the Your Best Year 2018 Planner

Buy the physical copy on Amazon
Buy the digital copy directly from the creator (with the super-discounted bundle deal)