Treasure Hunting 11.17.17

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The tarot blog roundup for November 17, 2017, by Learn Tarot With Me.
Tarot cards from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck. Emily and Kathleen from BeingBoss in NOLA. Your Best Year 2018 Business Planner by Lisa Jacobs.

How was your week, lovely? I’m writing this from a cabin in the woods where I’ve created my own personal Winter Writer’s Retreat. I’ll be here for the next few months, writing until my brain collapses and eating all the carbs.

After the last 9+ months of being present for others and putting their lives first, the solitude and control of my time here is a luxury. I’ll never stop being grateful for being able to set my own schedule, drink the last of the milk, or walk around without pants.

And now that I’ve got time to spare, I’ve discovered the world is so full of treasure! Here are some of my favorite discoveries for you…

1. TAROT DECK REVIEWS – Thanks to urging from the Learn Tarot With Me private FB group, I reviewed seven different tarot decks. I’m currently using the Linestrider Tarot for my own practice, but The Wild Unknown is the most popular with the group. Neither deck is a good choice for beginners (for that I recommend The Green Witch Tarot, the Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot, or the Robin Wood Tarot).

2. PUT IN THE HOURS – Being alone out here in the woods, I’ve gotten obsessed about podcasts lately and Being Boss is one of my favorites. (It’s about more than business). One of the hosts made a comment that “time on the field really matters,” and I’ve become obsessed with this idea. It’s not just about quality of work. Quantity matters too. Or, in the wise wise words of Hank…

“Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit.” – Henry Rollins

Hallelulah, Hank.

3. WHITE HOT TRUTH – Just finished reading White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte. It was the right book at the right time and I’ll be rereading sections again and again (especially the page about Devotion). Her words on devotion have become my prayer to myself.

“Deep growth happens when our self-care is a celebration of our goodness and value, and not a fixation on what needs to be fixed.”

Yes! Amen.

4. TAROT DAILY PLANNER – I’m putting the finishing touches on the 2018 Tarot Daily Planner, which will come in a print edition! It’ll be perfect for recording your daily draws during the year or for planning out your life using tarot. The expected release date is December 1.

5. PLANNING FOR 2018 – I am committed to making 2018 my Best Year Yet. I’m using the Your Best Year 2018 business planner, which is a tough-love guide to making your dreams badass and resolute. (There’s a “life edition” if you don’t need the business guidance).

WARNING: This planner holds no punches and will light a fire underneath you to burn down the sun with your passion, commitment, and desires. It’s not so much a daily/weekly planner as it is a workbook for you to dive deep and create (and maintain) a strong plan for the year.

6. LOVE YOUR EXCUSES – James Altucher outlines how your excuses are exactly what you need to accomplish your Big Goals. He breaks down my favorite excuses (I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough time, I’m not good enough yet) and flips them to find the strengths. I love the idea of my excuses being my path, pointing the way towards what I really want and need…

“We choose our excuses. They don’t choose us. But love comes when we kiss our excuses and, magically, they kiss back and feed the next stage of our lives…Your excuses are simply the roadmap that takes you from “here” to “there”. Good luck on your travels.”

MORE THINGS TO LOVE…bundling up for a hike after the first snowfall…hearing my niece’s first word (“ball”)…making friends with the neighborhood deer…magical origami street art…fleece-lined leggings…small town libraries…Skypes with besties about faith and love and trust…and the ah-ha text exchanges after…

All my love,
Angie Green from Learn Tarot With Me