My Tarot Manifesto

Ever since watching Hackers (one of my top 3 favorite movies), I’ve wanted to have a manifesto of my very own.

So here is my Tarot Manifesto. It’s my personal philosophy for learning and teaching tarot.

If you want to know how I approach Learn Tarot With Me (LTWM), here are the rules that I live by and how they apply to LTWM:

  1. There is no right way or wrong way to learn. There is only YOUR way.

    LTWM has resources for every price range and every level of experience.
  2. There is no right or wrong reason to learn. All WHYS are valid.

    LTWM is inclusive and nonjudgmental.
  3. Everything that works is valuable. Throw everything at the problem until it is solved.

    LTWM includes unusual (and controversial) resources, even if they are not “popular” or “the right way to learn.”
  4. Try, try, try again. Fail fast and often. Learn from each failure to propel the next attempt.

    LTWM is supportive but realistic. This is going to be hard sometimes, but that’s normal and okay. Learning anything new puts us in the mud. It’s our job to enjoy getting dirty while we try to get clean.
  5. Persistence beats Resistance. Daily action is far more important than talent, intelligence, or ability.

    LTWM will be here for you today and tomorrow. I can show you the path, but it’s your job to walk it.
  6. You can’t accomplish anything alone. One plus one equals the strength of ten.

    LTWM is a community, not one person. Your knowledge & experience is every bit as important as mine. We help each other and bless our differences. They are what make us strong.