My #1 Tip for Learning Tarot with Joy and Ease

When I began learning tarot, I struggled with learning the meanings of the cards. It was overwhelming and confusing and there was no clear guide.

It seemed like the secret of the tarot lived in those meanings. I thought If I could just remember them all, then I’d know tarot and could read with confidence.

But tarot doesn’t work that way. Although learning the meanings of the cards is necessary, it’s not what makes tarot important. They are just little pieces of cardboard, after all.

The true lessons of the tarot live beyond the meanings.

Tarot is a way to get to know ourselves and others deeper. Tarot helps us learn and trust our intuition. And tarot is a creative outlet that is “just for us” – even if we read for others.

These “benefits” of learning tarot come to us all, but they are not the reasons we first turn to the cards.

We all turn to tarot for different reasons. We each have our own WHY.

Some people want to learn tarot to impress their friends. Others learn tarot as a way to get closer to the dark, shadow side of their soul. Others read for money, some read for love, and even more read for truth.

No matter what your reason, your WHY is 100% acceptable and 100% correct.

This is the first of the tarot lessons I’ve learned: know your own WHY.

For me, I started learning for the silliest and most selfish of reasons – I wanted to get closer to (and impress) a man I was dating.

All WHYs are okay, even weak and ridiculous ones like mine.

That weak WHY brought me here today, where I use tarot every day to connect with my intuition, learn and accept the honest and unpleasant truths about myself, and connect with others through Learn Tarot With Me. The man is long gone, but the lessons have remained.

It has been life changing, and I want to share that experience with you.

Learning (and fully accepting) your own WHY is Most Important Lesson Number One.

Learning the meanings of the cards is just the start of the journey, though. Tarot is a life-long quest, and Learn Tarot With Me is your guide and community as you travel your own path.

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