Practice How to Read Tarot Cards for Me

Reading tarot for someone else is scary, especially when you are still struggling to remember all of the meanings for the cards. It’s great to practice in a safe setting. So get out your tarot deck and practice along with me…

Practice Reading Tarot Cards With Me

Let’s pretend…one of your favorite local nonprofits is hosting their annual fundraiser with a 1000 Nights theme, and you agreed to volunteer at the party.

After mingling with the guests, you set up in a little private nook and your first visitor is a man who asks you this question…

I started working at this company five months ago, and I was just promoted to supervise seven guys who have been there for years. I’m getting some push-back from them and I want to know what I should do so that they will accept me. What actions should I take?

Here’s the cards, as they are laid out:

What Tarot Spread Do You Use?

For this reading, I used this 3-card spread:

  • Card 1 – What you think about a situation
  • Card 2 – What you feel about it
  • Card 3 – What you need to do about it

Feel free to use whatever 3-card spread you feel most comfortable with. If you’re looking for ideas, here’s a list of 3-card tarot spreads to inspire you.

What Do You See?

I see three men, two of them looking towards the left (the past?) and one looking towards the right (the future?). There are no Major Arcana cards, but there is one court card.

Also, I see a lot of plant life on these cards.

What Do You Feel?

Solid, stable masculine energy. These cards feel grounded and secure.

Putting It All Together

Here’s what I would tell the man at the party…

From these cards, I get the sense that you’ve put in your time – maybe not at this company, but in previous positions. You should be reaping your harvest, not spending all of your time pulling out weeds.

You’re feeling a little unsettled, almost like you need to watch your back. However, that’s not truly the case here.

Your new reports will take time to adjust to their new situation, but ultimately they will respect you if you act with respect towards them. This will take time, so be patient.

Use this card – the King of Pentacles – as your model, and go to him for advice when you need it. He’s a mentor or stable authority figure who will have the guidance you need.

What do you think? How would you have read these cards?