Practice How to Read Tarot Cards with Me

Reading tarot cards for someone else can be tricky (and terrifying!) especially when you are just starting out. So let’s get some practice in a safe setting. Get out your tarot deck and play along!

Practice Reading Tarot Cards With Me

Let’s pretend…you stop by the coffee shop across the street from your favorite bookstore. A woman you don’t recognize comes up to you and says she saw you reading tarot at a party a few months ago.

She asks if you’ll read her cards, and you agree. Here’s her question…

I’m really worried about my daughter. She just divorced a wonderful man, and now she’s living with a woman. What can I say to her to make her realize that this is a terrible mistake?

Personally, this type of question makes me very uncomfortable – it’s too judgmental for me, and for the cards. As diplomatically as I can, I ask the woman to reframe the question, and together we come up with this…

What does the future hold for my daughter and her happiness?

Here’s the cards, as they are laid out:

What Tarot Spread Do You Use?

It’s important to practice with different spreads and meanings. Professional tarot readers usually have a favorite spread they use, but you should play around until you understand all of the possible interpretations.

That’s why I pick a different 3-card layout each week. Feel free to use the same interpretation, or to pick one of your own. Here’s a huge list of 3-card tarot spreads you might find useful to choose from.

For this reading, I decided to use this spread:

  • Card 1 – Past
  • Card 2 – Present
  • Card 3 – Future

What Do You See?

One Major Arcana card, which makes this question seem very important. I also see my favorite card, the Four of Wands.

There are two moons on these cards – which to me means a deep intuition and knowing.

What Do You Feel?

Happy and rather pleased. I’m always amazed by how tarot responds to honest questions, and I love this layout.

Putting It All Together

Here’s what I would tell the woman at the coffeeshop…

It looks as if your daughter made a difficult, but necessary choice, when she left her husband. No one knows what happens inside a relationship, so as wonderful as he seems, they were not wonderful together. This was not a decision your daughter made lightly, but it took much thought and inner reflection.

This card – The High Priestess – shows your daughter as she is now. She is comfortable in her own skin, and sits confidently on a throne that she has created. The moon and the water symbolize her deep emotions and intuition. Both are very strong.

The Four of Wands indicates celebrations, like a wedding or similar event. It’s the party card! Your daughter’s future seems full of happiness and celebration, and I hope that you’ll be able to share those good times with her.

Do you agree? How would you have read these cards? More importantly, how do you set aside your personal beliefs to show respect towards those you read for, the cards, and yourself?