Learning Tarot if You Don’t Have Time or Money

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Learning how to read tarot cards doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. Truly! While some free tarot resources are useless, there are definitely ways to learn tarot that are inexpensive and will lead you to your goals.

Learning tarot is similar to learning a foreign language. There are many ways to approach the challenge and not every way will work for you. It depends on your experience, situation, purpose and end goal.

If you want to read the French version of the Harry Potter books, your approach will be totally different than if you want to talk about your favorite books while traveling through France.

Each choice will point you on a different path. But no matter what route you choose, if you throw everything and never give up, you’ll reach your goal. Guaranteed.

In an effort to “throw everything at it” for every individual circumstance, here are my favorite resources for when you don’t have much time, money, or energy.

If you have lots of time but no money…

  • Draw one card a day and record the card in your tarot journal. It doesn’t need to be fancy – a cheap notebook is totally fine. If you need help with the meanings, bookmark this page on the LTWM website or use an inexpensive “tarot card meaning” book. This one is my absolute favorite (affiliate link) – it’s more workbook-like and creative than most tarot learning books, and I’m constantly referring to it.
  • Record everything you are learning in your tarot journal and refer to it often. Even if you had a million zillion dollars, your personal tarot journal will always be your best resource for learning and remembering the cards.
  • Sign up for the free tarot e-course with my 10 Tips for Learning Tarot. Wait until Lesson #4 (where there is a sweet discount code for 20% off) and then get an undated tarot planner or tarot journals to help with your daily practice.
  • Be brave and read tarot for others. Yes, it’s scary, but they will give you invaluable feedback about the accuracy of your readings and will probably be eager to help.

You don’t need a lot of money to learn the tarot, only time and dedication. Don’t let your budget hold you back!

If you have more money than time…

  • Find a tarot reader you connect with and pay them to read for you regularly. You’ll gain insight into yourself, your life, and the tarot through their readings. You can study their readings and interpretations to see if they are in line with your own experiences. Don’t forget to record this all in your tarot journal!
  • Take an online (or in person) tarot course, where all the learning is condensed in one place. I highly recommend the Alternative Tarot Course from Little Red Tarot. Beth takes a tarot journal-based approach to learning the cards and you can do the course at your own pace. A little bit each day really adds up!
  • A tarot journal is still your best resource for learning, but don’t wait until you have the time to use one “perfectly.” Start with a daily draw and just write a few words instead of a full journal entry. When you are really strapped for time, use your memory and intuition instead of writing things down.

If you don’t have either money or time…

  • Acknowledge your tarot journey will be slow. This isn’t a race – it’s a lifetime of learning. If you study one card every four days, you’ll still master them all over the course of a year!
  • Put a deck by your coffeepot or toothbrush. Draw one card a day and meditate on it while you brew or brush.
  • Carry a deck with you (or a create your own tarot flashcard deck) and rubber-band it to your phone. When you’re waiting in line, browse through the cards instead of Facebook.

No matter your circumstances, there are always creative ways to work towards your goals and desires. Tarot is a life-long journey – the only way you fail is if you give up.

Sign up here for the free e-course with 10 Tips for Learning Tarot, which is helpful no matter your budget, situation, or goals. (This is also where you’ll get the 20% off discount code for everything in the Tarot Shop – the discount code will come in Tip #4).