A photo of Angie Green of LearnTarotWithMe.comHi, there. I’m Angie Green, and I’m learning to read tarot cards, one card at a time.

I’m a little bit witchy, but not at all woo. This tarot journey started a few years ago when I got my first deck on a whim. I tried memorizing the cards, but there were just too many of them.

I thought it was hopeless. But then I met a handsome man who taught me the patterns in the cards. And I was hooked.

This website is both a record of my journey and a resource for you. Join me as I learn how to read the tarot, using modern and fun resources – like free printable tarot flashcards, and my very own tarot coloring book.

If you’re curious to know more…I am a full-time traveler, artist, and writer. Much of the year, I live in a tiny, tiny house in New Orleans, snuggled between the mighty Mississippi River and the historic neighborhood formerly known as Storyville. My summers are spent in Montreal and I head anywhere delightful & warm for the winter.

Now that you know more about me and why I’m here, I’d love to hear about you. Please send me a note and let me know what you’re up to & how I can help.

And if you’re new to tarot, may I suggest you start here?