Learning tarot doesn’t have to be so hard. Really.

I struggled for years trying to memorize the meanings of the cards or forcing myself to use my intuition – which I was sure I didn’t have! Believe me, I know the struggle.

But it all came together (easily and quickly) when I started finding ways that worked for ME. Not what I “should” do, or what the “experts” said was the one-right-and-true-way to learn tarot.

Now, I want to share those hard-earned tarot learning tips with you. I’ve put together a free series of emails – 10 emails over 10 days – that will introduce you to every single one of my best tips and secrets for learning the tarot.

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If this is your first time here, welcome! I’m Angie Green and like you, I’m learning to read tarot cards, one card at a time. This website is both a record of my journey, and a resource for you – with all of the tarot-learning resources we need to learn and understand the tarot so we can understand ourselves and others better.